Melodies & Exercises for Beginner Guitar by Bobby Hall

Melodies and Exercises for Beginner Guitar

This book is filled with exercises, melodies, and pieces of music that are designed to help the beginning guitarist have an endless amount of material to play. There are 130 melodic exercises, 20 easy songs, as well as the major and minor scales with melodic examples for each. This exercise book will help the guitarist to stay enthused and learn the skills needed to play the music they are most interested in playing.

Guitar Chord Warm Ups Book 1 by Bobby Hall

Guitar Chord Warm Ups Book 1

This book contains exercises that outline the common chords in the open position including all simple major, minor, and dominant chords. Each set of exercises features a new chord and gives the aspiring guitarist a chance to play the chord in a context that features how that specific chord sounds and how that specific chord relates to other easy, beginner chords. The definition of each chord is included in each exercise. A beginning can be made in this book for understanding a functional number system for chords.

A Comprehensive Guitar Map for Improvisation Book 1 by Bobby Hall

A Comprehensive Guitar Map for Improvisation Book 1

This book is designed to give guitarists a road map to the common scales, arpeggios, and chords used for improvisation and composition. The manner in which the material is presented avoids having to learn the note names and related music theory. The scale patterns and chords for the tonal areas of C, G, and A included are the pentatonic scale, the blues scale and the major and minor scales. The simple arpeggios are included as well as the CAGED position chords for each key area. A short theoretical explanation is given for each concept. The main focus of this book is to get the guitarist playing up the guitar neck and experimenting with improvisations.